Conscious Education is our
dream for everyone.
Lifelong learning is our
dream for everyone.
Conscious Awareness is our
dream for everyone.

Our innovative, holistic model of learning empowers human beings of all ages to connect to a deeper level of consciousness.

We empower human beings of all ages to connect to a deeper level of consciousness, creating a more fulfilled life.


Why Time For Change?

We are following our hearts and manifesting our dream. ‘Time for Change’ is about our passion for learning and connection. We have been parents, teachers and educational leaders for over 30 years and we believe learning needs a redirection and a human focus.

We offer conscious counseling and coaching services for children, teens, men, women, couples, educators, professionals, schools and businesses based on mindfulness and values. We design and present individualized workshops, courses and public presentations deeply embedded in a sustainable model of consciousness. We support all of our services with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) processes.

Our dream is to support the conscious growth of each human being. We know from our experiences that we can encourage the flow of conscious awareness towards self-regulation and lifelong learning.

We value human connection. We know that all human beings have special gifts and talents that can develop when nurtured at any age. We know learning and life is not linear and that not everything that is important can be measured in terms of tests or outcomes.

Lifelong learning is a process of evolution required in all stages of our lives for fulfillment. It begins with a childhood filled with play and creativity. It is through connection with conscious, self-regulated adults that this process is nurtured throughout childhood. We know in our hearts that we all need nurturing and support at different times in our lives.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” Rumi

Who are we?


First and foremost I am a mum to two incredible young adults. Whilst parenting was not an easy thing to do, I have loved watching our children develop and grow as human beings into the adults they are today. Cailtin is 25 years old, lives in Melbourne and is about to graduate as a teacher herself. Connor is 22 years old and is living in London following his love of all things football. It has been the most amazing journey with these two, and I’m really proud of how they’ve developed their own personalities and sense of self.
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I am a husband, dad and lifelong learner with 30 years of teaching and leading learning across different systems, age groups and countries. I have been a school leader for 23 years: my roles have included being a Principal, Deputy Principal and Wellbeing Coordinator.
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We are lucky enough to live in Bali, Indonesia. The experience of living in such a unique and different culture to our own has given us the gift of being able to take time and space to become more conscious within ourselves.

“Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having.” Eckhart Tolle



Human connection is essential for life and learning. We nurture a process to support conscious human beings to evolve.


Learning is a life-long process which begins from within. It is at the heart of a thriving community.


Awareness is a prerequisite for change. Through awareness we can consciously live a life aligned with our values.


Gratitude allows us to trust the process of life. When we practice gratitude, we enrich our own lives, and inspire others to enrich their lives as well.

Conscious Parents

Conscious parents are the foundation of thriving children and healthy communities. We can all benefit from being more conscious as individuals so we are able to fully connect with, understand, empower and evolve within ourselves.

Conscious Educators

The world of education is all about connection. However many educators today feel disconnected and emotionally isolated. Teaching is a demanding and highly stressful profession. It is also one that brings great joy and service to so many.

Time and Space Retreats

We organise personalised retreats for educators, couples, parents, athletes, and anyone wanting to develop a more conscious way of living. These retreats are all about you! We provide a special tranquil space, and the support you need through counselling and coaching in order to recharge, rejuvenate and transcend. We will tailor the retreat to suit your individual needs. You can opt for a combination of mediation, yoga, nutritious food, coaching, counselling, cultural activities, recreational activities, or you can choose to just ‘be’ in our peaceful, healing space.

Conscious Relationships Counselling & Coaching

We work with couples in relationships utilising Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT Therapy) practices to support them to live their lives according to their values. This is a conscious/mindfulness-based therapy which provides a process for the exploration of unconscious behaviors, and assists in developing skills for getting “unstuck” and living the life that you want!

Child and Family Therapy

We have a dedication to providing support for children who are finding school and/or life challenging due to adverse childhood experiences (ACE’s). Using a variety of consciousness-based tools, such as Mindfulness, ACT Therapy, Growth Mindset and Self-Compassion, we work with children to ‘connect’ first and foremost, and provide a safe space for them to reconnect with themselves.

Conscious Fathers/Men

The time has come for men to explore and learn how to be present in their essential relationships: with themselves, their children and their partners. Developing in consciousness enhances a man’s ability to express himself in a healthy way and to develop strategies/skills that assist in living a fulfilled, values-based life.


  • Anthony and Elle have a rare gift, they are real, they are present and they value the connection they make with you. The revelation that my acceptance and encouragement of my own children’s unique talents and special place in the world was such a turning point in my parenting journey; and it’s thanks to Elle and Anthony.

    Parent, Australia
  • Elle and Anthony have shifted my life for the better. When I had a problem, they didn’t just solve it for me. They helped me look at it from a different angle and think about how to achieve the best possible outcome. They taught me that when I made a mistake not to think that I had failed, but that I have actually had success. I have succeeded in learning, learning how not to repeat that mistake. They have helped me to become a better human and I can never repay them. Thank you

    12 yr old, Canada
  • Anthony and Elle were very professional and well prepared for our ‘Mindful Educators’ course. They communicated clearly the concepts and science behind mindfulness, engaged the audience through practical applications of their learning materials and provided tools for us to take away and practice on a regular basis. Above all though they are two terrific and genuine people I would highly recommend to anyone looking for professional development workshops.

    Principal, Sekolah Stella Mundi, Bali
  • Elle & Anthony taught me that all behaviour comes from a deeper place. Anger, frustration, insecurity, sadness… As a teacher we should invest in trying to figure out what the cause of the behaviour is. From that point on we can work with the child on dealing with this feeling. The behaviour will change then. A child is not his/her behaviour. They are a child with feelings that cause the behaviour. This way of looking at a student has changed who I am as a teacher today. I am very grateful they showed me how to do that.

    Teacher, Belgium
  • Elle and Anthony have helped me feel better at school and at home. I am more confident with myself and I can talk to them freely. They always give me the right support. I can count on them to support me to be comfortable in my skin and to love life.

    14 yr old, France
  • Elle and Anthony have done, and are still doing a great job with my 14-year-old son. With kindness, empathy and fairness, they are extremely professional in supporting children and adolescents during complicated times to find their way back. Specialists in education and behaviour, they do everything necessary to provide adapted, personalised and long-term support and it works! As parents, we highly recommend Time for Change.

    Parent, France
  • Anthony and Elle offer the perfect combination of mind and heart. They were able to build a relationship with my son to first understand his character and then work with him to address his learning challenges. They are modern educators applying theory to real world situations, and doing it with a real passion for helping kids and parents.

    Parent, USA
  • It was such an amazing space for us to come together as a couple and focus on ourselves and each others’ needs and healing. We were so appreciative to be guided by you both and given the tools that we so badly needed to address the challenges in our relationship, through your values-based approach. Since our time with you we can truly say that all things US are heading in the right direction, yes we are still having speed bumps but now have greatly improved skills to keep our relationship strong. Looking forward to further catch up sessions in the future and what a great excuse to travel to paradise.

    Dan and Anita
    Couple, Australia
  • It only took a couple of days before my kids felt safe and happy once we had moved to Bali. It took a while before I realized it wasn’t a coincidence. Elle and Anthony saw the kids from the first day and supported and encouraged them. The way they conducted their philosophy in everyday life is impressive. Being the best version of yourself, seeing the best in others and coping without competition and pressure is easy to say, but hard to comply with. You do!! We, parents and kids, have opened our horizons with interesting conversations, reflections and thoughts. We are so grateful!

    Marte and Petter
    Parents, Norway
  • Elle and Anthony were the most supportive, caring, trustworthy, helpful, loyal, honest, understanding and respectful people I‘ve ever worked with. I very much appreciated their work with the children and also how they met all the teachers as equals. Elle and Anthony are a true inspiration and I‘m very grateful to have them as friends in my life.

    Teacher, Switzerland
  • We fell in love with their educational philosophy where grownups have an open mind and are truly amazed by the children. A concept of not creating booths by age or level, but creating an environment where learning and togetherness came so natural that each child felt secure and confident in themselves and their individual growing and learning process. It was just amazing! We saw our children bloom, they experienced new sides of themselves and figured out new skills on their own. On a daily basis, we as parents felt a genuine engagement, presence and passion from Elle and Anthony. We were met with outreaching communication, love and interest in our children but also us as families, we also experienced their great professionalism in terms of observations and reflections.

    Tobias and Sabine
    Parents, Denmark
  • I loved that Anthony was always around knowing all our names and smiling so you just got a good feeling inside and therefore had a great day.

    8 yr old, Denmark
  • I attended a half-day ‘Conscious Educators’ workshop with Elle and Anthony and enjoyed it thoroughly. There was a lot of information given, but it was delivered in an easy to manage format. I especially enjoyed the time spent working on what triggers me and where in my past it comes from and therefore, what I can do to stop being triggered. I would definitely recommend teachers to do this workshop if they have the chance.

    Montessori Teacher

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