Welcome to our website at “Time For Change.” We wish to share our passion for human connection and learning. We know from our vast experience across 30 years of teaching in different Australian and International education systems, that the greatest gift we can share is emotional self-regulation.

We know that consciousness is the basis of emotional self-regulation, and part of the answer to living a truly meaningful and fulfilling life. It is how we are present to all the moments of our lives that will determine how we define what a successful life looks like. When we take action to live by our values, it is amazing what is presented to us.

The modern world we live in makes so many demands on adults and children. The pressures of work and school have never been greater, with results and accountability keeping everyone on edge. Technology plays a major role in our lives and provides the need to make reasonable and responsible choices around the content and context of its use.

The unconscious use of technology can lead to disconnection and addiction. The challenge is to make the best choices possible in a world that is constantly trying to sell you something, distract you from your real life, or make you feel like your life will never be good enough. The challenge is to remain human in an increasingly dehumanised world.

This is why we started “Time for Change.” We have noticed from our experiences in interacting with parents and children from all over the world that relationships are suffering and we need to do something different. We need to re-humanise our relationships! We need to start with ourselves and look at our own stories and experiences to be the basis of making relational change in all that we do.

The time has come for consciousness to be at the basis of learning and our lives. We need to understand that being human means making and learning from mistakes. It means that we are all different. It means understanding that we all have passions and skills that can contribute to our communities for positive outcomes for ourselves and our world.

Please explore our website and the services we offer. We are grateful to have you here with us and look forward to empowering you to evolve through consciousness.

Love and Gratitude

Elle and Anthony

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